Sing your song, use the good crystal and laugh…..


Today was a tough day for our learning community, for our weans and for our staff. The tragedy of the accident in George Square robbed one of our primary schools of their bright stars.
Dealing with bereavement in school is so difficult and nothing ever prepares you for this. Former pupils of this teacher wanted to talk about it today, colleagues who had worked with her wanted to talk about it today and we did. People were sad but enjoyed the chance to talk and remember what she had done, said and the legacy she has left.

I’ve experienced grief at work through staff and pupils dying and I’m still no further forward as to how best to support my colleagues and pupils but I have always tried to do what’ve feel is right at the time. That often means time to talk, lots of tea, and space to have a cry.

More than ever we are so aware that life can change in a heartbeat. Yet how often do we hear the phrase keep it for good, or put it away for a rainy day, leave that for another day. Some friends round at Christmas remarked “ooh it’s the good crystal” eh, that’s the only glasses – you know why? Because you are worth the good stuff ( and to be fair it’s the only ones i have – probably smashed the rest!) it’s like telling the wee lady I love her several times a day. And I always tell my wee mammy I love her at the end of every phone call ( at least once a day!)
Don’t put off that hug, text, smile and always, always sing your song.


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