Don’t stop me now…..


So day three back at the work, and you can take back your bus that you hit me with……it has been non stop and I am not sure I have managed to breathe yet, but I have to say, it is nice to be back in the buzz. We are on the way to a pressure point for secondary teachers with pre lims and more paperwork than I care to think about but then you know me and paperwork, ( ahem)
Last night the wee lady and I were pottering about and had some tunes on while she was doing her homework. Queen no less, and the tune for this post.
She had heard it at school and was singing away. I called my parents to let them hear as she sang along writing her sentences. I’m not saying we were on the bed dancing…I’m just saying we may have been doing it.
The sheer joy on her face as her mammy joined in was simply gorgeous. We laughed our way through the song and then maybe listened another few times.
Mark my words, I might be trouble ( and was described as that today, really. Moi?)but she is going to shake things up her way and that’s the way it should be.
Tuesday was as mad as it usually is but we had a breakthrough with a follow up lesson with the mad squad and I think we’ve come to an agreement on how to go forward and while we are not dancing in huge classroom there might be an understanding and maybe some small joys – first one being that no one was kept back at break. They were so pleased at all being able to get out together and by giving them the chance to prove to me they could work really paid off.
Honestly, I feel the stress building in my shoulder already, but good stress, not worried or cannae cope stress. Some of us thrive on it, as well as caffeine and green and blacks.
Looks like I need to invest in daily dance seasons with the wee lady. Cannae beat it.
Oh yes, spent the day with my top on outside in and no one noticed as I had my cardigan on. Thanks to the s4 girls who pointed it out …….Beamer.

Mammy points – late one so none for tonight but I’ll take yesterday’s…….9 for dancing
Methodology 8/9 / 10 I didn’t do a murder and the boys were great
Manolos 8/10 new red shoes, no socks tho (-;


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