Come as you are……..


Well a crazy few days and I’m writing from my hobbit retreat. I have had the most lovely morning with the girly hobbits. Little lady joined me and F for the hair appointments and she was doing her jobs, brushing up, washing our hair and general chit-chat. Having that time to sit and blether and catch up is such a luxury, even if we did look extras from the alien film. Uninterrupted time with your oldest pals can never be underestimated. We caught up with number 3 hobbit ( number 4 lives in the Englandshire) over tea and biscuits. We chatted through holidays and work and the local scandal which is always good. A summary of hatches, matches and dispatches…..

Work has been a bit mad and yesterday I had a few meetings. Two of them I was worried about for different reasons. I admit for the first one I was considering what I needed to wear or maybe what I should wear. And then I gave myself a wee shake. It’s all very well telling the weans we teach and our own little precious bundles to be themselves and stand out but it’s easy then to doubt ourselves.
So the tattoos were not covered and the curls were on their worst behaviour.
I needn’t have worried.
Meeting number one was fine, ( in fact it was magic) and then I had the chance to breathe and have a coffee. ( and a laugh about betting apps, language learning and windy weather) Meeting number two was good, high level but good. I was chatting with my lovely pal when I was accosted with a ” happy new year kiss and cuddle and the phrase ” get some socks on woman! ” Meeting number 3 I was dreading. I was doing the whole prepared conversation as I didn’t want a massive confrontation and to be honest didn’t have the energy for it, again, needn’t have worried.
Sometimes it’s just about listening, filtering out the nonsense
And trying to build a way forward.
Even with a wee step.

I had written a wee column about Intercultural understanding for an educational supplement and laid bare what I think are important issues about language learning in primary. Oooooft, you would have thought I’d asked people to rock up their work in French knickers and doing the can can. We must continue to be brave and continue to fight the corner for our subject.

Anyhoos, the day ended up with our usual Friday pattern if swimming and the a sneaky Chinese for us ladies. We were picked up and sat in the back of Grandad’s care eating chocolates and making plans for our day.

Mammy points 9/10 for the chocolates
Methodology points No actual teaching but that’s about to change dynamic and I can’t wait! 9/10
Manolos – wee red ones, no socks. 9/10


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