I’m a flagpole to your nation



It is indeed the wee things that matter. I’m big on wee things. Wee things like that first sleepy hug in the morning from the wee lady, the daft pictures getting sent on a Friday from the starships , the wee messages from my mum wishing me a good day, the pins from Pinterest that seem to appear just when you need them, and the fact that people remember things and share joys. All these wee things add up to making my world a better place.
The wee things we do try each other is what makes our world a better place.
I’ve been a struck by the different reactions both on social media and personal reactions to the recent sad events in Paris. Rallies arranged all over the world only to be hijacked by political figures all claiming to support freedom of speech and taking the opportunity for a photo shoot.
Chase yerselves.

I’ve tried to instil into the wee lady how important the wee things are: the thank you to the bus driver, the holding the door open, then kind words…..

And in turn I want to make sure I can do all the wee things I can to make this world a better place for her.
I took her out on an anti trident march before and today, had it not been such awful weather, I would have had her with me at the #JeSuisCharlie march in Glasgow.

I went today because it meant something to me. To do the tiniest wee thing to show my solidarity with my French family here but also to show that I was with everyone in Paris – why? Because wee things matter. only a few weeks a go I blogged about how important it was to seize the day and do the things that mattered.

Today, it was a privilege to remember, walk and show solidarity. The gathering, although small, was dignified and meaningful. I was particularly struck by the dynamic of the group. The great and good of the French family, the young students, the parents, the grandparents, the couples, the people on their own…..
People had different symbols and signs with them but the most striking for me was the two Jewish men in skull caps holding their menorah.
A wee thing. But it mattered.

I’ll be making a point of talking about this tomorrow at work, and how important freedom of speech is. Oh yes, and now wee things matter.

It’s a brand new day, do a wee thing: for yourself and someone else.


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