What planet are you actually on?



The weather has been bonkers and when I used to work I the north-east of the country we used to blame the wind for the weans being wild. Would we use that excuse for adults I wonder? Do you ever find yourself either staring in disbelief or doing the jaw drop at the utter tosh that people spout? I’m not often rendered speechless but I now find myself listening and thinking aye, are you done? There’s the door…..

It’s funny listening to the reasoning behind some of the things that the weans come out with. They are so convinced of what they are doing that sometimes you catch yourself getting caught up in the moment with them. It’s quite lovely and difficult to burst the bubble but being constructive and letting them know that their thought process is good and they are on the right lines.( just need to fine tune the radio a wee bit)

I find myself less tolerant of the nonsense that colleagues sometimes spout. I mean you can’t beat a story 3rd hand but seriously, I would love to give some people a shake and tell them to get a life. Stop sweating the small stuff, inspire the weans and be the best you can. If you can’t do that, Get back to your planet.
This is why I could never be a senior manager.

The wee lady was full of the joys after school today. A new reading book and sound book and she was really pleased with herself. ( mammy was even prouder as I listened to her read)
We had a blether, bit of dancing and some general pottering about. She is getting a bit disturbed with the wind and was worried about being in on our own. A big coorie soon sorted that out. They most definitely broke the mould with this little lady.

Mammy points 9/10 ( well it’s no Saturday)
Methodology points 9/10 a lot of work on JeSuisCharlie
Manolos 8/10 flats , comfy.


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