Learning should be messy…..


Bonkers few days. Started another new role of leading PGDE students and it was great. I had an absolute ball but it was amazing to see they still stress out about the same things I was stressing out about all those years ago! A really nice bunch of students and I am confident that teaching is in good hands with them. The people I am working with are very interesting, let’s just say I would still be the wean in the department and probably getting a row of up talking or drawing butterflies on my pad.
Being able to talk to students and give them another perspective on things is as much a privilege as it is to work with students in school.
I felt that my inner glitter monster had been unleashed if I am honest and I had to rein it in as i am aware that not everyone shares my childlike attitude of ya dancer first thing in the morning.
A fair few professional discussions about approaches to teaching and learning have be quite illuminating to be honest and it’s indeed good to talk. I’m always amazed at now as I get older in teaching I can keep calm even when I hear absolutely tosh in terms of pedagogy…..I’m not saying I didn’t roll my eyes a la Kevin the teenager…..
I cannot get my email in of tamed at the moment. The sheer volume of mail is killing me. Not to worry.

I had a great session of training tonight and we were talking about how learning a language is messy and how teaching is messy. I had used a similar phrase this week when looking at evidence and different ways of working. Weans like messy working – whether that be paper, post its etc, just shaking it up a wee bit. The creativity in the room with these teachers tonight all based round using French in the class was great. I loved it when of them said, I was thinking about what you said and it really works.
Aye hen, of course it does. I’ve tried and tested it, made the mistakes and fine tuned it.
I find that I get as much out of delivering the training as I hope the trainees get….great dialogue, good concrete examples of excellent teaching and learning and a wee laugh now and again.

I don’t feel guilty about the fact that my class is cowp most of the time, too busy having fun with the weans or throwing glitter at the world.

Mammy points – twilight training killing me at the moment but cannot beat the last cuddle of the night as she goes to sleep 8/10
Manolos – suspended due to poor weather……
Methodology – it’s been a good week 9/10


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