You could make a difference……


Sunday night so you know it is going to be a rant. I’ve been turning this one over for a few hours……
One of my service users on the soup kitchen was pretty worse for wear on the bevvy. He struggles with it a lot and we often can go for weeks without seeing him as he is on a bender.
He turned up tonight and was pretty well gone,and it was really hard to try to talk sensibly with him.
I discovered a few years ago that I had taught his wee niece. Last year she was going in for a fairly serious operation so I made a wee gift bag and sent it along with him for her. I hadn’t seen her in year but I had a real soft spot for her.
When she got home from a fairly lengthy stay on hospital, my man from the soup kitchen asked me of I would phone his mums house one Monday night as his wee niece would be there.
I promised to try my best to phone at 7. My own wee lady was late I settling but I phoned at 7.30
By the time I and got off the phone my mobile was full of abusive text messages about shattering a dream and one I hadn’t phoned etc.
He’d gone out at 7.05 as I hadn’t phoned and went straight to the off licence.
The tiny wee thing of phoning and getting it on I time was not only a big thing for the wee lady in question but for this man too.
We cleared the air and all was fine.a bit awkward for a few months then he disappeared for a few months.
Tonight he got stuck into me for not phoning or visiting over Christmas.
I tried to explain that it wasn’t really appropriate to visit or phone etc, and I had done it was a once off when she had been in hospital.
What I took from him after that would make a sailor blush.
“You think you can make a difference you cannae” when what I was dying to say ” will I tell you how hard it is for me? Shall we talk about how hard it is to get through a day sometimes?shall we talk about the appropriateness of me phoning etc.
I eventually asked him to leave the soup kitchen as he was really getting more upset with himself but swinging from aggressive to sad. It’s hard to manage that and make sure he still had his dignity to leave. Argh!
However,some fights you can’t win, but I do have a battle plan.


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