Are you sitting comfortably?


I was lucky enough to get some time at the weekend with one of my oldest and closest friends. He’s a very deep thinker and I have always admired his way of being able to really consider things and see something from lots of different points of view and seeing the positive and challenges in everything he does. Previously I used to very much shoot from the hip and perhaps not consider the long-term consequences as much as perhaps I should have done.
We were talking about jobs and how we have both changed role in our respective fields. He is an engineer and has worked all over the world. We talked about doing a job the you know you could do but having no challenge. Doing a job where you were stressed about it but not gaining any joy and perhaps what surprised me the most about what he said, doing a job and not learning anything.
He’s moved from a job that he can do to a new project that doesn’t have the same stability but much more challenge.
I suppose it got me thinking about the new job – how much it might push me out of my comfort zone and stretch me.
When was the last time I felt really stretched mentally?
To be fair, most days I am shattered with the to do list. But that’s a good thing.its not a dreadful tired but a happy exhausted and even satisfied shattered.
There are few times that the adrenalin pumps like it did sitting on the edge of an open door to jump out a plane but I still get that sense of wonder and excitement and still have that desire to learn more.
Although at the moment it looks anything but that, not even 6am and on the couch with a certain wee lady snoring and we are wrapped in a Frozen blanket.
I’ll get out my comfort zone at a more civilised hour!


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