How big is yours…………

Sorry for lack of posting……back to normal! Last night I was a guest at a burns supper and it was a mad dash to get in from work and back out. Superwoman type changing and a pair of heels and off I went. It was pretty formal, till the bevvy kicked in. The meal was delicious and the chat with my pal was immense. He is a primary teacher so we always have plenty to chat about. The laugh really started at the auction. Big businessmen and corporate types were basically trying to outdo each other by bidding ridiculous amounts for meals in restaurants, photography sessions and a round of golf. Never mind how big is your wallet……the charity auctioneer was great but he knew he could get much more out of the punters as they were under the influence!
Sometimes I feel line I’m in a bit of a similar situation with people desperate to get their peacock feathers out when it comes to teaching. The amount of time people spend yelling you how fabulous their preparation is, how they can include every single collaborative activity in the land, do a learning conversation and probably a cart-wheel at the same time.
Anything you can do……



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