Aye, we’re ok …..



Monday proved to be a strange on. It was a sandwich of meetings with a visit to the hospital in the middle. First meeting was positive with 4 of us looking at some pretty ambitious planning and training but exciting and perhaps quite innovative. I also had a quiet realisation that just when i thought i had a handle of something, the goalposts were made clearer and my perception of what was possible was suddenly made a wee bit smaller. Perhaps not a bad thing. I still feel like a primary one in the sense of having that awe and wonder about how things ACTUALLY work. Sometimes we can get stuck as teachers and dont look for the ah! or wow!factor in our day-to-day practice.

We then finally had the referral for the wee lady to hospital. Even though i knew it would be ok, you still can’t help but be filled with dread incase something sinister appears. The staff were wonderful and the wee lady came out saying how hospital is awesome. The doctor was lovely but it was the nurse doing her pre op assessment that made me laugh. There was no messing with her, she was down to earth, professional but knew fine well i was sitting there with my heart in my mouth. She put on a posh voice to answer the telephone and a big smile to talk to my daughter. She commented on her leopard print doc martins and asked her about school. The little lady is a great judge of character and tool to her straight away.
We now play the waiting game for the date and while i know she’ll be fine, the very thought of her having a general anaesthetic fills me with untold dread. However….
It needs to be about giving the positive vibes and wearing the supermammy cape when inside I’m a mess. (Make up and shoes disguise it all)

It did raise a smile when one of my pals text me to say “shouldnt laugh but they’ll probably need to knock you out too” you are not wrong. But it would be more than a GA I would need. Horse tranquilizers maybe.

The amount of wee messages asking about the wee lady and how I was lovely – and a wee hiya and are you ok was reassuring. Even the ones about me needing to be knocked out.

Talking of which, I did feel the urge to sit on my hands at a meeting later in the evening. I know a little enthusiasm and passion goes a long way but when people try to tell me about language learning and how we need worksheets or word lists it makes me want to get the nearest chair and chuck it at them or out a window.
Really? I mean come on people. We are passed this.
Last night was a case of “that’s the way I learned ergo it’s ok”
Aye, i used to think a fringe and tie dye trousers were pretty ok as well.
My lovely knight stepped in beautifully as i readied my chair. Waters were calmed but my inner hobbit was waving her fists with the huff-o-meter going berky.
However, all sorted but a plan to go forward I think…..

Yesterday was a day of wee things, important things and i suppose you cant under-estimate the power of a wee thing. A hug, a hello and a how are you.

Mammy points – going for gold.
Methodology – perhaps not directly in class but some decent blue sky thinking
Manolos – red dorothys all the way.


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