Right oot WANs comfort zone……,



So I find myself sitting in my Jammies on a Skype interview and thank my lucky stars I don’t have the video on. I’m virtually surrounded by some of the most talented educationalists I have had the chance to be influenced by. All I will say is that I am literally cowering in my educational corner.
I had a good conversation with a very good headteacher friend of mine, and we discussed the different career paths we have had and I was very open about the fact that I could never move into management as I am in the wee comfort zone of my subject. Why? Because I quite like it here Merci very much.
I like to get stuck in about research and teaching and learning about my own subject field ( the lingo!) but I struggle with some of this chat and if I’m honest, I’m not enjoying being so far out of my zone. I’m enjoying listening but don’t actually feel I can contribute a lot, which is probably partly due to being tired and also partly being a wee bit feart of making an eejit of myself amongst people I really respect.
Ok cards on the table, I think they may be speaking a different language and if we were round a table I would be nodding and making the ” yes, I totally agree” face.
I suppose it’s made me think of 2 things: a) should I be more honest and just say ” haud the bus I have pas de clue” ( usually followed by do you want to do a shift or try that on my weans) and b) should I be doing more academic research and increasing my professional reading?
We’ve spoken about league tables, the link between poverty and attainment, Brain gym, weans as customers, outcomes for pupils, test scores and exam results, what’s the impact……..
I’ve decided that I like my wee zone tonight, I don’t want to move out it, maybe tomorrow. Yes, I want to learn and be stretched but if you don’t mind, I’ll do it later.

It did make me laugh when I was asked ” What do you do to relax?”


Mammy points : some top shopping and girly chats
Methodology points: covering some classes today and had a hoot, lots of good fun working with some tinnies….nae bad
Manolo points : new shoes…….yay.


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