What a difference a day makes…..



You MUST turn this tune up.
Well I’m certainly feeling less feart than I did last night.friday evening, the house is clean, fresh towels in the bathroom and anything that is lying about has been moved to my bedroom. Yes, time for a party in the house and the oven and washing machine are already full of stuff I am trying to hide.
Who am I kidding? My pals know I am far too busy to care a jot for house work. No Merci. However that might be a comfort zone I should push myself into, NOT.
Lots of prelims today and lots of wee stressed out people. Cuddles and tea were dispensed. Lots of giggles and wee special moments today as well and I tried to savour every one if them. Maybe I’m feeling nostalgic or clingy to something I am going to let go but I enjoyed them all.
I had a meeting in the afternoon and one of my partners in crime was really off form. Not in the professional sense but just a bit done in and with a wee cloud. We came out the meeting bidding goodbye to everyone and walked to head to the office when he asked if we were going for a coffee the response was ” I thought you’d never ask” ( secretly thinking is it gin o’clock?”
You can’t actually beat them, and sometimes it is just good to sit and chat about work, life, wee people and coffee.
We chewed the fat and then the lovely C came to join us.
She is the reason I still have a mix tape from 1996. Nothing to play the damn thing on but I can’t bring myself to chuck it out. ( aye, and she knows too much!)
I was explaining to the weans in school about mix tapes and they were rolling about laughing.
A mix tape.
So this mix tape tonight of Jamie cullum singing what a difference a day makes pretty much sums up today.
What a difference a day makes, and the difference is you. Well quite a lot of you.


1 thought on “What a difference a day makes…..

  1. What a difference a day makes is right! And, as far as the mixed tape goes, I have several I cannot part with, too. My husband says I’m crazy for keeping them 😉


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