It’s the quiet ones….

Love the chorus of this tune, will you help me paint a smile on this sad sad world….


Isn’t it funny how us women are really good at saying,” yes, we are fine”
I laughed with the mammies yesterday as we all asked each other how things were and we all laughed said, ” aye fine” eh, aye right. You would think that we had all been taught that in school. Standard answer – yer fine.
My mum was retired from education years who on ill-health due to deteriorating arthritis and she’s spent years saying she’s fine. Except she isn’t.
Tonight I was on the soup kitchen again and chatting to my service users and despite some of them having horrific stories and experiences, they all tell me they are fine, ” just getting on with it”
One of them was just out of hospital ( ten days suspected. Heart attack) telling me he is fine too.
Why is it we are so afraid to say “actually I’m not fine….”
It’s a bit like the students I work with. There are a few who say nothing yet are carrying the biggest emotional and mental load of reassure with them. They tell me they are fine too.
For some of them the very fact that they have made it in that day is the best thing.
The quiet ones, the ones who never speak out, who do the work and sometimes can be almost a silent presence in the class.
What is going on behind the ” I’m not fine”
So here is my plan,I’m not going to use the phrase I am fine this week. ( I’ll no doubt be ecstatic or like a burst couch) but I’m really going to look out for the ” fine” children and check they really are.
Just because they are quiet………maybe that’s where us teachers do help to paint a smile on a sad world.


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