Mammies and manolos


Well it is the birthday weekend for the little lady and I can’t believe she is 6. I keep looking at her, astonished that this wonderful, articulate, funny and caring little girl is my daughter.
For a long time I used to think someone was going to come back and say thank you very much but your time is up and we’ll have her back.
She is indeed mini me and had inherited a wild streak, love of sparkly trainers and a penchant for pink. She had also inherited my strong will, determination ( and yes, will argue black is white) and ability to survive on very little sleep.
The tune for this post is most definitely for her.

We started off the day with shoe shopping and her joy at getting new trainers with sparkly bits and bows was a sight to behold. On trying them on she had to run round the store and there was never a question of them coming off.
We had the mammies and the littlies over for the afternoon and it was great fun. The wee people danced, did some serious damage to a piñata and passed the parcel a few times! I was surrounded by the most inspirational women that are my friends and fellow mammies ( and surrogate mammies)
Everyone of them has inspired and supported me as a mammy and I often look at them and wonder just how they do it.
Then I look at their littlies and I know why they do it.
Ladies, I shake my new sparkly trainers in your direction.

Bit like the great teachers I am lucky enough to work with. I remember saying to some parents night that I borrowed their little people during the day and then returned them. For some of our young people they need as much care as our very own littlies.
So,I’m looking forward to more birthday celebrations today and tomorrow because that’s just how we do it.
Why have one party when you can have many, bit like shoes.


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