The great transfer window……


Well the princess is snoring away, the date for her operation has come in on her birthday. How lovely.
I am sitting and the news is bursting with the transfer window closing for the football and I feel like throwing my sparkly trainer at the TV. The amount of money being thrown about is quite frankly bonkers. All this for men ( albeit some handsome ones) to run about after a ball. Hell slap it in to them when they get man flu.
I know they are on a fixed time given their legs might give way ( or the papers catch up with them….) but honestly, I can’t help but think that kind of money could have such transformational change in schools.

How funny would that be if we had a teacher transfer window? Imagine performance related pay??? When I lived in China teachers were paid according to the school they taught in. Number 1 was fine. It number 10 was a professional death wish. I bet they would have wanted a transfer window.
We saw our latest bunch of student teachers start in school and I was chatting to one of them about the different schools they had visited and the experience for the children. I wonder if we asked the weans about the transfer window who they would put in it!
I had a blether with my headteacher today and we were talking about the different formats that interviews are taking now with learner voice groups, pupils interviews and presentations. It’s all very x- factor……
If it was solely based on what the weans liked how many of us would be on the transfer market?
And as we approach staffing exercises….would we want to be on the transfer market? Are we honest enough to say it’s time for a new team? Is a change of scene good for us to grow?
The tune today is unfinished sympathy……for all the teachers in school number 10.

Mammy points – top marks
Methodology – enjoyed some teaching today with the seniors…..
Manolos – top marks for some black shoes with lace. How lovely.


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