Yes, I was an extra on neighbours…….


Mad Tuesday again.
I had the fear about today. We had weans catching up on prelims and we have had a few melt downs. We had also arranged a careers fair for our S3 pupils and I’ll be honest, I was a bit worried. Lots of lovely friends of the department and my own friends too were bribed with the promise of bevvy to come and speak to the weans about the languages they speak and how languages help them in their work.
I had originally planned on keeping some of the lovelier boys in class but then that would make like everyone else who doesn’t give them a chance.
They didn’t let me down. They were an absolute hoot and were really engaged with what we were doing and asking some lovely questions. A few of our speakers looked a bit shell-shocked to start with but soon settled in to it. The chat from the kids was straight to the point but heartfelt and a joy to listen to. They were loving hearing about the places that people had stayed and where they had visited. I was astonished at how they engaged with learning new words in different languages and wanted to know more, it was described as being ” heavy cool” which is very good. They were genuinely impressed at how people used languages every day and to be fair, our guests really got in to it with them as well. One of the guests who is a pal of mine and as wide as the Clyde, decided to tell the weans that he had actually grown up in Oz and had been a child star in neighbours, and knew Kylie.
The weans were like ” really? That’s brilliant” and moved swiftly on…..I on the other hand was considering a Tena lady at this point.
There was a lot of chat about football, home languages and even the question was put to a journalist friend of ours “aye, but have you ever interviewed Margaret thatcher? Cue rolling about laughing…,
Some of our senior pupils were guest speakers and what positive role models they were. It was interesting that my kylie loving pal commented on how much he thought the kids had come on, matured and were so much more confident.
Aye, my weans.

One of them did make us laugh when she asked her pal ” what language do we speak again?”

Today was a lovely day and great to share it with my pals who understand just how much these weans mean to me!

Mammy points Lingo mammy, lots of points mammy to the wee lady? Late night from training so not great
Methodology – not too bad
Manolos – socks and shoes and changes into sandals..not many points today .


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