Thinking out loud…….


I think I am going to think out loud with this one, and I am prepared to get pelters for it.
Wee Ed Sheerin -The song says we’ve found love right where we are.
Well, I like curriculum for excellence. So there.
I was in a meeting today and lots of people talking about where they were with it and the issues and challenges of delivering a robust experience for children in broad general education that articulates well with senior phase.
I suppose being part of a supportive professional learning community has given me the confidence to get my brave pants on, survey the foundations and throw a bunch of glitter at the new build.
Aye, 3 years ago.
Remember when CfE came on we had 4 capacities tattooed on our heads, and then we got the wee codes in to evidence learning blah blah blah…
Well can I tell you a secret? For me, the languages I teach have not changed. The way we assess them has but french is still french.
(Yes, I am not convinced about the validity of the new exams but I trust the team to sort that out in due course)
My job a middle manager and curriculum leader was to sort that out to make sure that
A) I was building on work done in primary ( and supporting my colleagues to get there)
B) creating an experience that children would attain in, experience the love and quite frankly joy of learning a language that would give them transferable skills and a window on the future
C) Set out, evaluate, pilot , rescope and deliver a curriculum that was ( and here come the buzz words) fit for purpose, robust and let’s be honest, enjoyable to teach.

Sorry, did you say you don’t have time or you have not had time?
Thought not. We’ve had years. At the heart of it is the weans, what is best for them, and how do we give them every opportunity we can to attain and succeed?
Are we going to continue to blame everyone about cfe and how it is aspirational and ” all very well and Good” and still not do anything?
We need to get back to being confident in our ability to be good teachers and to deliver quality learning for the weans and if we can’t, let’s ask for help.
Sometimes all you need are the right shoes, brave pants and big lump of gaun yersel.
If we don’t try then what about the weans? You know the main motivation for becoming a teacher?
We need to believe in ourselves and not be frightened to be creative, bold and have the blue sky vision.
That was a key element of curriculum for excellence and I tell you, I personally feel like I can teach content I love and in a way that suits me as a noisy, energetic lunatic who whole heartedly believes that every child can attain.

I’m off my soapbox.for now.


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