A burns supper with a twist…..



What a smashing smashing night. Mad day, but what a hoot, we did the very first Burns Supper in school for the weans and staff and it was magic.
All for our senior linguists and they absolutely loved it. I couldn’t believe just how much they went for it. We had tartan frocks, boots, jackets, scarves the lot. I laughed from start to finish as I got to share a wee bit of the stuff that I love with the weans.
The opening welcome did contain the sentence ” most of you won’t have a clue what is going , but don’t worry, you will have a lovely time”
Could be a lovely description of some classes, no?
Our speakers were out of this world and we laughed our socks off. Some of my pupils did a most beautiful version of red red rose and I had a greet. I could not be prouder of these weans if I was their mammy.
Not a lot of staff there but then it was for kids and the important thing was they were there. They were desperate for selfies and spent a lot of time squealing with happiness at daft things , it was a joy to listen to.
I was brought up on Burns so it is normal to me but tonight we opened up another wee window on the world for the weans.nwe gave them the ultimate language learning experience. We surrounded them with art, music, culture, food and literature. We listened to songs, poems and stories, to music, speeches and thoughts.
We looked at art, tried the food,wore the clothes and heard all sorts of new words and can I tell you, there was much laughter.

If carling did perfect lessons……’till all the seas gang dry.


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