Let’s not settle for second best …….



This tune kept me company travelling back from Marseille to Glasgow a few years ago. I had left a pal climbing mountains ( are you allowed to climb mountains after drams?)
I love the words and it has always made me think about the journey that we take with young people as teachers and learners.
The whole notion of high aspirations is something that should be fundamental to everything we do in education. Yet, I still hear some teachers Using the excuse that ” these kids just wouldn’t be able to cope ”
And how did you come to that conclusion?
When are you going to stop blaming the kids for not learning the way you are teaching?
I often find myself talking to student teachers and colleagues about the fact that sometimes we are the only people who are looking out for the students, the only ones who tell them that we believe in them, the only ones that maybe see that tiny wee spark of genius. The only ones that give that gentle encouragement or push the learners out of that comfort zone to where the magic happens.
I spent the weekend at home with my parents and had the pleasure of spend some time with my partner in crime and another girl we had been at school with, we inevitably talked about school : the teachers, the classes and the adventures. We talked of who inspired us and pushed us on. We reminisced about the characters we were in class with and how a number of them have gone already. They were written off in school and in life and perhaps if there had been a little more mountains being climbed together, life would have been a lot different.

What choices do our weans makes based solely on their school experience? What happens if they don’t have anyone at home interested in what they want to do and what would be good for them to do?

Are we as teachers creating mountains or showing the weans the best way up?


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