Those 3 little words……


So its been another busy few days and another learning curve.
Part of my new remit involves my latest love, Gaelic. I found myself on a wee cigartube of a plane heading to the western isle with my overnight bag and brave pants on.
Aye, fake it till you make it.
I was going with a very good pal and colleague who has watched me grow up professionally and gently reigned me in and offered advice. What a hoot.
We arrived to be recognised and were duly whisked to offices. Freaked me out no end.
We were paraded as the newbies and I caught some folk whispering about me being from the mainland.
I had to laugh – I thought I was doing well to graduate from the shire to the city but quite frankly my unruly curls and city flats were not going to cut it here.
As someone who doesn’t speak the language, I found myself getting extremely frustrated as conversations were peppered with words and phrases I had pas de clue about.
Smile, breathe.
Then my interest was sparked as we started to talk on how we reached an agreement of acceptable terminology of a language. No borrowing of words here, big brave language pants that look to their linguistic neighbours then a big session of professional discussion, questions, crowd sourcing and investigation of common usage
My inner language geek was practically doing the splits with joy!
We sat round the table listening to what people did and I looked at the confident presenters and the ones who were shaking. I listened, learned and felt quite inspired.
When did I last come out of an INSET having engaged in that level of chat, felt that motivated or that motivated to effect change and take care of people.
Well, I get that most days at work to be honest.
It was a packed two days where lots was discussed, ideas were challenged, eyes were rolled and imaginary zips on frocks were fastened (long story)
Put some top quality linguistic educationalists in a room, add the target of meeting the needs for weans and teachers and stand back and watch the magic happen.

I was just there for comedy value. From the mainland.

3 words.

Mammy points – 0.
methodology points – 8 for engagement and participation
Manolo points – 8 for taking only two pairs but the black patent pointy flats were a treat!


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