Just be yourself…..



Isn’t it amazing that we still tell people we are interviewing that they should relax and enjoy it. We tell them to be themselves and do their very best when they probably have blood pressure going through the roof and would probably like to poke their eyes out with a fork.
I met 7 very different teachers on Monday and if you took a tiny bit from each of them you would have the most wonderful teacher.
Each of them brought a different dynamics and vision to the room and I really enjoyed interviewing them. A bit like when you see a really good lesson, you want to take it away and make it your own. With each of these candidates, I wanted to take away a bit of their energy, their outlook and their candour. I found myself amused, challenged, puzzled and motivated. I enjoyed some answers and was willing every candidate to give it their all.
Being on a panel with educators I love and who have the highest standards was a joy. Putting together feedback to candidates when you don’t really know them from anything other than an application form is hard.
We found ourselves saying we would love our own children to be taught by them, we would love them in our schools, we could see potential and we could identify experience.
Putting yourself through an interview is tough, but being on the panel is just as tough. You feel nervous, excited and want to prepared too! Oh aye, and get the right candidate. Nae pressure then.


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