Mibbes aye…….



So here’s the thing, I may have a CfE convert.
I was asked to write a wee post for a smashing new learning blog which is an eclectic mix of reviews, podcasts and in my case, tiny rants (http://eachandeverydog.net/?p=248) I sent the latest rantette on to one of my closest and most trusted professional friends JGJ. He had written to me a few weeks ago about a post from this blog and I could imagine him shaking his head at me, laughing at my usual child like enthusiasm and failure to understand others when they don’t get as excited as I do.
I was delighted that we had reached the stage in our friendship where we are happy to really engage in a new level of professional dialogue about teaching. (Albeit not in a pub – note to self, must remedy that soon)
Today he sent me a message saying I could convert him to CfE.he doesn’t need converting, he’s doing it already.
So many people are.
However, it is easy to get lost in the mire of paper we think we should be keeping. I had a lovely discussion with one of my girls today and we spoke of the need to focus on what was going on in class, and how the weans had to be the focus of everything we were doing. CfE was supposed to free us from the shackles of paperwork, I don’t think we are there yet tho.
So, indeed a great day, must have been the go faster stripes on my Birkenstocks. One convert?mibbes aye.

Mammy points 8
Methodology 7/8
Manolo points sandals in February’s?? Aye.


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