Group work……….?


Sorry for lack of posting,quite simply a bit of a bonkers time. I have had a really good weekend spent with family and friends and it did get me musing upon group work believe it or not.
Friday evening was spent in the company of my baby cousin (25) chatting about her work in the performing arts . She is currently on tour with her troupe and as well as performing with them she is living with them as well and we were giggling away about the joys and intensity of working through dynamics as you get to know people.
The learning of how to work together, who takes on what role, (I’m still not taking out the bins, that’s just not my role) And who keeps it all going.
Last night I was at a big fundraising event ( frocks were donned and sparkly heels were on) with some of my lovelies and we had a great time. We did the thing that women do when they dance,the formation dance team. I don’t recall being taught this but we all do it. We change places with a wee twirl, shy my up and down our wee spot like there is tomorrow and in my case still love the fact you spin round and your sticky out frock goes with you. Despite the fact that some of the ladies had not met before, they all took their place on the dance floor and gave it laldy. To see it must have been quite a sight but we were all watching each other, laughing and enjoying being part of a group. Each one of us still being ourselves but enjoying the solidarity of the sisters!
Again, this morning I was in another group dynamic – playing with some of the most talented musicians I have ever met. All we need is a look between us and the body language that tells you when a phrase is coming to an end. Again, it wasn’t something I was taught how to do, I just learned as I got to know the musicians better.
For me the hallmarks of good group work would be where I knew the people, I was able to find my comfort zone and here where I felt supported and inspired.
So, if you need any demonstrations on excellent group work, just watch a bunch of women move seamlessly from the slosh, to the alley cat.

Mammy points 8
Methodology ( on hold for the weekend)
Manolo points 10 gold sparkly heels. (Yay)


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