I just want to try it….


Yes, that is pretty much my line when presented with a bar of green and blacks or a big cake.
However, this line was said to me by a wee boy and it knocked me for six.
You know those wee special moments that keep you smiling for the rest of the day and astonished for even longer?
Well Chinese New Year provided me with that wee moment.
We had one of our feeder nurseries up and I had a ball with the tinnies, our seniors came in to work with them and I stood back and watched the magic happen.
We worked with our classes in first and second year and my wee moment of joy was from a second year boy.
We were doing some work on chopstick etiquette and using them to pick up food. We went from big pieces of Apple to grapes and then of course to malteasers.
I watched as this pupil tried and tried again with his chopsticks and he laughed that he just wanted to try it, and what I loved:he wanted to get it right!
Curiosity, something new, getting it right……
When did we last hear that?

Mammy – 8 voices for the story tonight were quite special
Methodology – no teaching today
Manolos- 8 nice black open-work pumps in the rain. Classy.


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