Can I have a word?


Well it’s been a week full of professional chatting and wee journeys. On Tuesday I had the joy of interviewing with my big pal for the new cohort of student teachers.
Listening to these people who were putting themselves through the ringer for us was just an absolute privilege.
Their enthusiasm for the subject and for teaching was exciting and I couldn’t help but think I would want my daughter to be taught by some of them. Varied backgrounds and experience and lots bringing different qualities to the table.
My darling friend told me that I had very high standards and that not everyone was going to come in with the “ta daaaa” factor.
Well, we all have our own ta daa factor, some people are just really good at hiding it.
I then found myself with tears rolling down my face at one of the candidates. In walked a girl who, I had supported through sixth year many years ago and had grown up into a beautiful young woman who wanted to be a teacher.
We asked her who had influenced her and she spoke about her modern languages teacher then talked about me.
I was mortified, delighted and as proud as punch that she had followed her dream and that perhaps the tiniest wee bit of my madness had helped her on that journey.
After a day of interviewing I took part in an event with other schools and local university to look at widening access to places and university life.
Some of my students spoke about their experience last year at summer school and again, I found myself looking at these amazing young people and wondering just what I had done to deserve them.
The week was a busy one that was filled with lots of wee diamond moments. Then someone comes along and rains on your parade.
Why is it we let all the beautiful moments be overshadowed by something trivial and quite frankly not worth the email space it took up…….
The little lady is not daft and immediately piped up “dry your eyes mum, let’s go shopping”
So we did. New wellies were bought.perspective was returned and
My parade was back on track.
Trust a 6 year old to sort it.

Mammy points – work life balance was all wrong this week I am ashamed to say
Methodology points – some lovely classes this week, even the mad ones. 8
Manolos – 9 pretty much been sparkly trainers all weekend


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