It’s the wee things …..again


Another interesting day that had lots of laughs and even some happy tears. It struck me today that there were a lot of wee lovely moments in it and sometimes we forget just how many of these make up our day…and today feels like a day when the wee ones all happened at the right time!
Waking up to a wee flurry of texts from friends is always a good start to the day, my nighthawk tendencies are not in evidence at the moment
A blether with my friend en route to work where we had a good old go at putting the works
The smile from the boss when he knows it’s better not to ask how you are before you are fuelled by the coffee
But what makes it worthwhile everyday? The wee things from the weans. The seniors getting their orals ready with cups of tea, the mad boys in 3rd year making my day as they managed to get through the work on films and speak some really good Spanish.
My student teacher passing her crit, The seniors sneaking about to set up a surprise birthday celebration for one of our boys.
The look on on my students face when he saw the celebration, and the joy from the rest of the pupils as they shared a special picnic with him. The glee I felt in sharing the good news about a new job for a friend.
You just can’t bottle this stuff.
After an afternoon of working with student teachers and primary teachers, I came home to an A3 card stuck on the door for me by the wee lady and the biggest hug.
My folks were here and dinner was ready.
I laughed my socks off at the wee lady and then just sat beside her in bed a bit longer to listen to her sleep.
Despite some chairs being thrown in my path today (Not literally) there were a lot of flowers in the window ( as Travis would say) and sometimes it’s nice to stop for a moment and look at them.


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