Back seat philosophy…..


Another smashing day full of wee joys but a day when everyone needed to get their tuppence in about teachers. You picked the wrong lady for it.
I started off visiting a student teacher and had the chance to catch up with an old colleague who was sitting in with me for it.
We talked about teaching, I mean really talked about it then laughed at how animated we were getting.
Why is it that we sometimes feel guilty or even daft when it comes to talking about pedagogy? It’s not like it should be something we stop talking about we leave teacher training!
The student was lovely and did very well. She had such a lovely voice that we both commented on how you could listen to her talking for a long time, and just enjoy hearing it!
She was exhausted after the crit and I hadn’t realised that I was having such an effect on my students about the crits…..note to self – be nice.
I then spent some time in a department chatting to the principal teacher and staff. All on different parts of their journey, some I’ve locked horns with and some I have never met. Oh well…..
However, the back seat philosophy came from a taxi driver today. En route once again to visit another student and we got chatting. He was desperate to tell me about how his son had just had a promotion to head of department in a school. He then started telling me how teachers have such a hard shift. Did I know how hard it was? Even I didn’t get a word in, and do you know what, I really enjoyed sitting back and letting him chat.( vent perhaps) he told me how teachers should be given far more respect and that parents were key. ( give this man a job) how it was not the teachers job to be disciplining children, they should have that from home.he went on to tell me that he had no problem with disciplining children in an acceptable way, then immediately apologised saying he hoped he had not offended me. He then went on to explain how it was ridiculous we couldn’t say what we were thinking…..
He nearly fell out his taxi when I said cheerio to him and said I had enjoyed listening to him, oh aye, told him I was a teacher too.

Mammy points 10/10 for world book day crafting
Methodology points 8/10
Manolo points 8/10 blue open work pumps in the ice. Class.


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