Tightrope walking …….



Can’t beat a bit of positive stress to drive you to distraction. Some people thrive on stress, some people don’t.
I tend to work somewhere in the middle. Surviving on very little sleep for so long then I just go into meltdown. Sleep is a luxury that I don’t have at the moment,not through choice, I spend a lot of the time listening to my daughter as she sleeps.
I also don’t find that I can just sit about and tune out very easily.
Sometimes I’ll find myself saying if I can just get to the weekend, or if I can just get to the next holiday….
I spent last night in a sleeping bag on a floor and had some really lovely chats with friends – one of the, told me that she has stopped getting stressed. Period.
Due To a set of circumstances she now bases her judgement on things very much along the lines of life or death.
While fairly extreme for me, it did get me thinking that perhaps some me time was required. My favourite me time is spent with the wee lady. I’m now wrapped up in a King size blanket ( that would have room for a queen and a dragon!) reading, half watching some telly with a cheenie cup……
I’ve taken off the tightrope walker leotard for now.


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