It’s been quite a week for special moments with the weans and I thought it would be a nice way to finish off the week by sharing some of the lovely moments.
I suppose weans is being used in the most generic sense. I was visiting a fair few of my student teachers and it was amazing to see them interact with the pupils. Quite often I do find myself chatting to the weans in the classes and I love the reaction when you’ve spent some speaking to them in a foreign language, then chat to them in English. Being involved in teacher education is great fun as well as a chance to really examine your own practice. Having that lightbulb moment when you watch another teacher and thinking you can’t wait to try the same thing out with your own class is great development and I still get a kick out of taking that type of practical CPD into my own class. Learning from the weans!
I had the chance to go into the little lady’s school for World Book Day for half an hour between schools and appointments and it was an absolute joy
I went in as they were finishing their parade and I got the sneakinest wave, then her pals spotted me and it was a wee sea of waves.i had wee groups to read to and we did French and Spanish stories and working with the tinnies always gives you that chance to let your inner 6-year-old out and go long with the facial gymnastics. The little lady was desperate to talk in French and Spanish in a way I have never seen and it was magical. I felt part of this secret glee club, they were all so excited and when we were counting what the hungry caterpillar had been eating they were rolling about laughing. That energy and joy would be priceless if we could bottle it.
Friday brought a day of orals which inevitably brings meltdowns, tears and snotters et al. They went fine but I probably had some of the most profound conversations I have ever had with pupils. The seniors are now realising that they are nearly finished in school, and I don’t think they are entirely ready for that.
We spent for day night with a group of seniors doing our homeless sleep out and they were quite simply stunning.
The way they conducted themselves, the sense of dignity and solidarity and their enthusiasm to join in was tremendous.
I was chatting with one of my colleagues and we just enjoyed listening to them chatter and laugh. A few of them were saying how nice it was to sit round the table and eat together….
Wee things matter indeed.
But by far the best moment of all with the weans this week has been with my own little lady.
We have had a proper girly day of eating, crafting, walking , drinking tea and eating kit Kats. We cooried up under a blanket to watch a movie and now I am listening to her snore beside me. We galloped down pavements, spotted flowers, sang songs and tried to do the splits all while out walking- no gentle stroll for us because that’s how we do it. Quite frankly.
I think sometimes I can over complicate things and I always try to remember a brilliant article I read many years ago about how to live your life like a two-year old. That sense of joy and wonder, saying no when you mean it and not getting upset about it! Always let your huffs last 5 minutes then get over it.
Weans, that’s why we do the methodology, it is why I love being a mammy and it is also why I wear sparkly shoes,
Quote of the week from one of the wee lady’s pals: look at M’s mum, she has glittery shoes. She speaks Spanish. That’s cool.
Aye, that will do.


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