Saying no in all my languages…..


Saying no. We are taught from a young ages to say no. You get into the world of work and you are encouraged to say yes to get on. then you see the quote about good leaders saying no to most things.
I would just like not to have my head explode.
I am good at telling others when to shelve things for their health or relevance and maybe not the best at doing it myself.
However, this week I said no more times at work than I have in a long time.
I shelved a big piece if supplementary work as circumstances beyond my control meant I was not going to be able to make a decent job of it.
It felt great.
I was in two minds about another thing and found myself contemplating a lot of what if situations, mainly to do with the length of time it would take me to travel home to the wee lady.
Some people were not chuffed at me when I couldn’t be there or when I didn’t answer an email as quickly as usual.
Cares not a jot.
The world still turned despite me not being in or attending or answering the 300 emails.
I’m by nature a busy person, but I could get used to maybe coming down a gear.
I’m not saying I am on the couch with the wee lady sleeping on me (and has been for 2 hours), I’m just saying its a possibility.
If this relaxing, then I’ll take it in buckets.


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