It was a braw day…..


And breathe. Well, mad Tuesday has come and gone and had I had the energy I would have blogged but I was utterly done in.
Tuesday’s usually have me running for the hills but I made a conscious decision to really be in the lessons and to turn off the email alerts and give the weans everything I had. I had had a similar conversation with a student teacher recently, in that we have to give the weans the very best of ourselves and those wonderful lessons that we all do for our crits when we are training should still be part and parcel of what we do. The wow lesson…
I’ll be honest, I’ve not had the energy to do even the tiniest bit of taaa daaaaa …..however Tuesday was a hoot,
Started off at 8am with the seniors in for coffee and blethers before big oral exams later this week. The Higher class were lovely and we were working on a topic very close to my heart – the environment.
The mad squad were their usual mad selves but we had a really good lesson as we got to grips with our Argentian film and how we could talk about it. I found myself laughing a lot through the lesson and really enjoying the chat. We chatted about options and why they were choosing particular subjects and now the wee things they did now would have an impact on their future destinations. One of the boys in particular can be a real handful yet he works for the most part really well in languages and responds to just the smallest bit of praise. Wee things matter.
A busy class at lunch and seniors again to finish off the day before primary teachers in.
Various factors made it a lovely day: I was rested and prepared – those two old chestnuts, were the biggest.
I wasn’t distracted or worried either.
The wee lady is coming on and now I find myself checking on her because after 6 years of being able to hear her from the other side of the house I can’t get used to the lack of little ( ok, not so little) snores.
She is coming on a tonne now and getting back to her wee self which is a joy to see and believe it or not, desperate to get back to school.
Everyday for her is a wow day…….and every day with her is a wow day for me.
Even if I did walk the floor with her on my hip last night to settle her.
I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Mammy points 9/10
Methodology points 9/10
Manolos – got to the front door of work tonight to realise I still had my sandals on, cue a swift dash to get the shoes on!


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