Train tales……

It was a big decision…..which train to get to Edinburgh first thing in the morning. Commuter hell on the 8 am or go a bit earlier and sacrifice some quality Zzzzs.
It’s a tough call.
In a previous life OH did all that commenting, the red eye up and down to that London Town, but a wee hobbit like me is not built for that.
Getting a bus during rush hour is enough to bring me out in a sweat. I love travelling by public transport, both from the point of view of being able to sit back and people watch but also as I am able to catch up on some reading, either for work or pure pleasure!
I left the wee lady munching into homemade jam from grandma and biscuits ( yes, as log as she is eating right now I don’t care, so shoot me )
Bus number 1. No one to ask and it’s full of characters growling at each other. Not morning people then eh?
I had a wee read at the metro and watched the sun coming up.
Get to the train station and it’s a parallel universe. When do these people get up in the morning to look so sharp and pointy?
Felt like a tourist cutting about with my tinkerbell satchel.
Train logistics:well you might as well have fired a starting pistol, despite the fact there was at least 15 mins to board.
I sat down with my coffee and lo and behold, it was a wee technology conference. I think there were a few boys with technological toys having a competition with each other to see who had the most shiney tech. iPads, blackberries, smartphones and kindles. All stacked up nicely.
Aye , but my kindle is pink and my iPad is red. And… don’t have a tinkerbell bag.
I am of course shouting that very loudly at them in my head.
I was quite tempted to get my felt tips and sketch pad out. I am not joking. I have taken to drawing my notes now which is working far better for me. Litter my notes with drawings and mindmaps and post its. I am more likely to do something with the notes rather than letting them gather dust.
Anyhoo….the sun is coming up and I am meeting my colleagues for a pre meeting meeting. I tried to lead them astray for ice cream but it is too early.
The curls are misbehaving and my tinkerbell bag does not belong on this commuter train.
That’s ok, I’m only visiting.


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