If music be the food of love…..



Friday was a good day. Manolo points are thin on the ground at the moment as I couldn’t get my shoes on so it was off to work in trainers.
Sparkly ones of course.
I enjoy the time in the. On ring before school gets busy to turn up the music and potter about. The weans often start coming in from 730 and I now find that I am that teacher who doesn’t have a clue about the music they listen to. However, music is a big part of our department and a great way to surround the weans with the culture and language.

It suits me down to the ground as I grew up with music all around me.
A family of musicians meant an eclectic mix of genres and a lot of noise!
The tune on this post takes me back to my first year at uni and I came across it again the other night and it took me back to nights in front of the books and a concert many years later.
I had a section of my third years and we have come to a good arrangement where we all sit round a big table together and the tunes go on. It’s amazing to see them work away in a different dynamic and sing away.
Some of these boys can really Singapore! However, it is really interesting to see the calm and they are really productive. Certain songs will never be the same again!
The seniors were in later and we got Stromae on. I love the fact that the weans have got into French music ( and good music at that!)
Music plays such a big part of my life that it seems only normal its a big part of my teaching.
And if it’s too loud …….

Mammy points 10/10 the wee lady has great music taste
Methodology points 9/10 a brilliant day with the weans and lots of lovely work and music
Manolo points suspended due to dodgy feet


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