We are groot…..



What a smashing weekend. Friday night was spent under a blanket on the couch with the wee lady watching guardians of the Galaxy. We fast forwarded the more violent bits but she was fair taken on with groot. We were talking of how he helped his friends and now important it is to look after people.
We also threw some shapes to the excellent soundtrack.
Tonight on the soup kitchen was another good night but I was troubled yet again by the situation for one of my service users.
He was just out of prison and had been rough sleeping for three weeks. He had issues with anxiety and depression but wasn’t able to register with a doctor.
He was feeling suicidal and to be honest,the more I spoke with him and listened to what he was going through, I could understand why he was so down.
He was determined not to go into supported accommodation or put himself in a situation where he would be surrounded by drugs or situations that would put him in danger.
He was actually talking of re offending to get back into prison as he was safe there, looked after, had access to medication.
His support or lack thereof on his exit from prison has been next to nothing.
He told me that he wasn’t a bad person. He had offended as he was hungry.
Perhaps a million miles away, it got me thinking of our seniors when they leave. When they are in school they are looked after but heading on to further and higher education isn’t always the seamless transition it could be. The support mechanisms are not the same and the learners can fall down between the cracks. They can’t reoffend to get back to school.
And so it goes……


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