Changing rooms


I am in the process of stripping my room and packing to move. I love my classroom and it’s a joy to work in it. One o fly pals has commented on the fact that I run a really good department but I am a messy cow. He may not be wrong, however, learning is messy? I have been known to say just how messy language learning is anyhoo.
I had some time to myself on saturday morning while the wee lady was away jumping about at her martial arts class and I had a chance to really read the latest TESS. Usually I look for the articles written by my pals or interesting tweets but I sat down ( albeit with very little sleep and a troop of drummers playing on my head- yes, thank you to all my Gael pals. you were indeed worth it) and read it from cover to cover and there were some real smashing articles in it but the one that made me laugh was one the one about the appearance of the learning environment.
To display or not to display: that is the question.
I love stuff in classrooms. I love to see the work done by the kids up, I love to see artefacts, I love to see books, I love to see posters.
For me, language learning needs to come alive as soon as the weans get into the classroom.
I have perfume bottles, sangria bottles, old cosmetic boxes, posters, clothes, postcards, flags, bunting,pictures with vocabulary, jigsaw pieces with connecting language, quotes, photos and a wee pair of wellies.
Some argue that over stimulation detracts from learning, but then the amount my weans have learned just by assimilation or as I like to call it ” doing a meet the fockers” hugging them with culture and stuff.
The kids asked me not to take the cards down from my door and to leave up the quotes.
Loved it.


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