You are not as fat as you imagine

Do one thing every day that scares you.
Sometimes that is getting out of bed for my weans. Dear weans, this is for you.
I have taught some of the most wonderful weans you could ever hope to in teaching. Talented, kind, inspirational, energetic, broken, sad, happy, lonely, and each one of them left a wee mark on me.
We often forget what a privilege it is to teach.
We get to be the mammy or daddy for 6 hours a day. Believe me, there is no place I would rather have been.
The children’s have been working with are quite simply a joy. Bright, articulate, funny and inspiring and what’s more they made me a better teacher, mum and person.
I realised that I had to give as much love and care to the weans as I would my own daughter. That means having to accept when the hormones kick on, when they don’t do what you know to be best and when coated in teenage angst they are completely in appropriate.
Even in the worst day, I’ve still had my best teaching days in the school I am leaving.
I could take everyone of the learners home and feed them cakes and tell them that it is going to be ok.
I love their stories, their chat, their passion and their ability to articulate it all so well.
I admire the individuals, the characters and the sense of justice they have.
I’m inspired by their determination, drive and ambition and I’m humbled by their loyalty, generosity and freedom.
They say you only get out of something what you put in, well it’s been miracle grow.
So to my weans, my advice is this song, and if you have never heard it, turn it right up.

And always wear fabulous shoes.


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