Just tell them…..



Man alive, I think I am actually grieving and I have not even left the weans yet.
My weans are stressed with exams, teenage angst and coping with the prospect of change for the ones that are leaving. I spent time chatting with some of them today and we were talking about friendships that have maybe suffered through one reason or another.
There was a lot of hurt and sadness and a sense of loss as friendships evolved.
The transition from the bubble that is school is often a tough one, and not just for the weans.
I was recounting how I tell my mum I love her everyday as I don’t want to go to bed without her knowing, and that as I get older it’s important to spend time with the people who matter.
Yes, it really is that simple.
Weans, you mean more to me than you’ll know. I miss you already.

Points soon to be reinstated soon.


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