Like a wee movie ….


A beautiful day in the city. We had been down at the coast for few days and dreich didn’t even cover it! We arrived back in the city to glorious sunshine and what a difference that made to people. The wee lady and I were out and about earlier and she was on her roller skates. Earlier in the week I had been in one of our favourite gift shops and the owner said seeing the wee lady skate past was like watching a movie.
She recounted several times that had struck her about the wee lady and I going past the window. From those first walks with her in the pram, to the rainbow fleece sling that she lived in wrapped round me for a few years. To the toddling along to the brave steps, to her pushing her own wee pram. She remembered the coats she had worn and how the wee lady had gone from stabilisers to going her bike on her own.
How lovely that someone had remembered all the wee things about my wee lady that were important to me.
Sorting out the tea and coffee for the soup kitchen tonight has been a bit of a logistical challenge. Typically my weans from school sorted it all and we even have a dad coming to volunteer. These are the weans that I have the privilege of noticing their wee movies. The changes in hair style, the new jackets the removing of the stabilisers.
We’ve been at home with the folks, with the nephews and cousins.
Noise, laughing and nonsense.
No place Like it.

Mammy points 9/10 holidays
Methodology points suspended. Holidays
Manolo points – birkies I so must be spring 9/10


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