Teacher parents

Dear Catriona,

In response to your column “in loco parents? in loco magister”



I’d like to write on behalf of all the fabulous parents I know that are teachers. I bet Kezia and her Dad are having a giggle.
I challenge you to ask all the weans that have teachers as parents of it really is that bad? How you surmised “the teacher parent’s typical staccato sting” in less that 140 characters on a tweet is good going. Good thing you had good teachers.
The notion that teacher parents have no boundaries between the school room and sitting room is a sweeping generalisation that would get a lovely red pen taken to it with ” eh??” Written beside it.
When I get home, all I can think about is my wee lady ( 6 years old) and switching off from what has been an exhausting day physically and mentally.
I love being a teacher and every child I meet is treated as I would treat my daughter. But let’s be clear, I love being a mum and that will always be totally different. On this blog I have written about e challenges I face as a mum and a teacher and trying to get everything right, and do you know what, it’s bloody hard.
A teacher can very often be the only parent that some of the pupils have and it’s a privilege to work with young people.
When I sit on interview panels the biggest question for me is “would I trust you with my daughter?”and if the answer is no then I wouldn’t trust them with anyone else’s daughter.
The same way there are tiger parents, there are tiger teachers. I have been on the receiving end of such tiger teacher parents at parents night with opening lines such as ” you do know I am a teacher?” Aye, very good. Do you know I am Xena the warrior princess? Here’s my box of jots I give. Yep,none.
I, and a whole lot of the fabulous teacher parents who are my friends would never dream of treating teachers of our children like that.
Dont tar us all with the same manky brush.
In response to your article : I don’t give a jot about cool, I don’t give a jot about points scoring.I care about my daughter, I care that she knows she is loved and nurtured.
When I am at work, I love, care for and nurture the children I teach, as I might be the only one that does so that day.
I would never use my ” teacher wit that cuts to the quick” as you say it on my weans in school or on my daughter.
To suggest that teacher parents have little empathy for the children they have “bred” makes us sound like some sub species.
If it wasn’t for the brilliant teachers who give everything they have every day to make a difference to children, you might not be writing.
Shame on you Catriona. It’s a pity that perhaps you have experienced something similar but please, gies a break, pop your manky tar brush away and take it from one who knows, the majority of teacher parents go home every night and hold their own precious little people a wee bit tighter after having dealt with trauma during the day for other children.
Humiliating them, pressuring them and using them to point score is NEVER on our agenda. With our pupils or our children.


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