A change ….



A change is as good as a rest….

I’m on day 3 of the new job and I think I quite like it. I have had a similar job before, this time it is bigger,much more responsibility but I actually like it.
I am missing my weans in untold measures but I am not missing life in school at the moment. Probably because I am based in another school and still am surrounded by the buzz of little people.
I am missing my early coffee with the seniors where we listened to music and chatted about our plans for world domination.
I’m finding it hard to break that connection with the department as my new replacement has not started yet and there have been a few hiccups. It would have been really easy to go on and fix it but I had to be disciplined both for myself and also for the staff. It was the longest goodbye and I felt I had had more comebacks than Elvis!
I don’t think I had actually realised how physically and mentally shattered I was. I just assumed that was normal as it had been the norm for quite a while, it was only on talking with other teachers who were at that burnout stage in the holidays I realised I was exactly the same. For a long time my mantra was that it was ok to feel like you had been hit by a bus on a Friday as quite frankly if you didn’t you could not have been doing your job properly.
Just who was I kidding?
I read the most wonderful interview with Katherine Hamnet where she spoke of he she doesn’t talk about work after 6 pm and if people really want to see you then they will get you during the day.
I have decided I am going to go for the 6 pm cut off and if I am working at night it is because I want to, not because I feel the need to.
I admit there are pressure points on the year where the graft needs put on, but to think after nearly 3 years of balancing 2 HUGE remits it’s time to be a bit better to myself and my family and friends. Constantly saying I can’t do things because I am shattered or have work to do is not going to cut it now the summer is upon us!
So the new remit.
It’s great, I have the time to dedicate properly to it with the benefit of knowing what the pressure and expectations are for teachers on the floor .
Bring it on.

Mammy points : I’m going to go with some bonus points
Methodology : suspended due to lack of contact this week
Manolo points : none, can’t get shoes on.muffin feet.


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