Keep calm and dae wan…


When my precious little lady was born I did things as a mum that I had seen my mum do. Some things I did because I had read about them and some things I did because it just felt right. Particularly when it came to well being of the wee lady. I was feeding her myself and of course she was nowhere near the wee point on the graph she should be and I started to get real heat from my health visitor to move on to the bottle so that the wee lady would gain weight more quickly. That stressed me out even more.
I asked for support and was referred to the most fabulous feeding advisor who took one look at me and one look at the wee lady and asked if I had any concerns about my daughters progress.
Someone asked me……
I didn’t have concerns but I had begun to doubt my ability to make the correct judgement. All I needed was someone to give me that wee bit of confidence and keep me on the right path.
She didn’t dress it up, she didn’t use terminology I had no clue about: she listened to me ( not on a time frame) valued my opinion and helped me to plan how to best manage my stress levels to make sure I was still being the best mum I could be.

We are constantly surrounded at the moment with jargon, must read articles, pressure to constantly be better as teachers, to be better leaders, to be better blah blah….
Do you ever feel like telling people to keep calm and dae wan? Even just for five minutes.
I love being a mum and I try my very best to get it as right as I can. I still ask my mum her advice, I still read things but most of all I do things with my daughter because they just feel right,
I love being a teacher and I try really hard to make it as enjoyable for the young people or teachers that I work with.
I do things because they feel right, because I have observed them and sometimes I read things and want to try it.
This constant rally call of get better quick jargon busters makes me want to poke my eye out with a fork.

I studied the theories about communicative methodology, good teaching,child development etc,- there is the reading bit. I have observed some of the most phenomenal teaching and it’s had a massive effect on my classroom but most of all, I have developed a set of skills for teaching and learning because they feel right and work for me.

I’ve decided that the best I can be is me. I try my best to get it right, to encourage others to do so and create the climate where they can be themselves. Being a manager is a bit like being that brilliant woman who took me in hand and asked ME If I thought there was anything wrong with my daughter as she wasn’t progressing the way the paperwork said she should. The woman who asked me if I needed help and if so how could she tailor it for me? The woman who called up my health visitor and told her to calm down and support me rather than stressing me out.And most of all? She listened.

What a difference she made. Leadership – empowerment – belief.

Mammy points 9/10
Manolo points 7/10
Methodology points on hold


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