Bye hon!


Bye hon……

I was on the way home the other day and was particularly distracted by the goings on of the commuters round about me. Public transport at any one of the rush hours is always a hoot and I quite enjoy the people watching aspect of it.
I was about to get on the bus when I heard a hiya miss!
It was a girl I had taught 10 years ago and every so often I meet her on the bus And we catch up on the news and such like.
She was in one of those classes that you don’t forget! This one I remember particularly well as I had 3 levels in the class. It was originally an INT 2 class but then there were 2 senior pupils who wanted to do advanced higher and then it became apparent that most of these INT 2 kids were actually Higher.
What a hoot, 3 levels in one class, 1 foreign exchange teacher, 1 language assistant and 10 years on they still want to chat to me!
We blethered about where all the girls were, some overseas, some married, some working and some back at uni.
It was an absolute joy and she greeted me with the same enthusiasm she had done as a pupil. I remembered about some things that happened with her and her family and her face when I asked after them and how things had worked out after an illness etc – remember the wee things about learners and valuing them really matters.
Not just learners but staff as well and it really struck a chord with me as over the past few days we have been with a delegation from overseas and looking at leadership, creativity and effecting positive change in education.
We may claim to nurture, inspire and get it right for every child but I think my feelings were perfectly clear as some of the interlocutors spoke and my friend pointed out” I just watched your eyebrow get higher and higher ”

(There was as much chance of nurture going on with some people as there was of me giving up green and blacks.Not gonna happen baby)

Aye, facial gymnastics get me into all sorts of trouble.
We were listening to people talking about vision, values, aims and an excellent school and one brave head teacher said that he felt an excellent school was not one who had the 5 excellent tags at inspection, it was the school where there wasn’t a negative interaction and where EVERYONE felt valued.
Sir, I doff my cap to you.
So back to the bus and my former pupil. As she gets off she shouts, “brilliant to see you Miss, Bye hon!”
Bye hon indeed. It’s the wee things .

Mammy points 7/10 too long a day
Manolo points 9/10 glittery trainers to work
Methodology points 9/10 great ASN Teachmeet, felt quite chuffed.


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