Call yourself a teacher?


It’s finally the time to get a new passport and we had our neighbour Kenny the polis to sign our forms. I love my passport, it has so much history on it, memories in it and it reminds me of some the happiest and saddest times of my life.
I signed the form only for Kenny’s wife to shout ” call yourself a teacher?” Apparently I had gone the tiniest little bit out of the lines. Gies a break.
One of my very favourite lines about staying inside the lines comes from Carrie Bradshaw and the gorgeous Big but it’s not for discussion in an educational blog!
Call myself a teacher? Aye.
Today I was visiting some student teachers and someone asked me if I was a teacher? Suddenly it struck me I was a different kind of teacher. Not a teacher that you could put in a box or one who intended to stay in the lines.
Lots of different conversations about teaching and learning and what we need to do to inspire children.
It’s a bit like that quote about being careful what you do as you never know who you are inspiring.
I quite like the idea of children being allowed to colour outside the lines: that they feel they can be creative, they can take a chance, and they can be resilient.
I had this same conversation with one of my student teachers today. I stilling the confidence in this teacher that they could be creative, have a go, think outside the box. Oh yes, and be resilient too.
So, the passport form was re done. I stayed within in the lines, but only on this occasion.

Mammy points 9/10 on the couch wrapped round the wee lady.
Methodology points 8/10 a good teaching day
Manolos points 8/10 wee flowery flats due to inability to wear anything else


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