Sorry but we care…

I am sitting on the train just after 9am as I head to my parents to play piano this morning in the local parish and I am surrounded by a whole host of political activists. Anyone who knows me will know I love to champion causes close to my heart. I’ll throw myself heart and soul into them. Not in terms of doing huge big grand gestures but by a culmination of wee things. And perhaps at the heart being honest about what I support and why I do so.
A bit like teaching, for me it’s an honest thing, I can’t hide when I don’t agree or when I don’t understand and I spend a lot of time asking questions.
I get fired up( not in a David Cameron style) about making a difference. Sometimes I get it wrong but surely having passions about something is better than sitting waiting for life to chap your door with an adventure.
Showing that you care about something shouldn’t be mocked. I was contributing last night to an educational podcast and found myself saying somewhere along the lines we’ve all forgotten how to be honest. Perhaps because we don’t want to stand out from the crowd, we don’t want to say anything to our friends as it’s maybe a new thing and we certainly don’t want our employers to know.
Professional autonomy is a great thing and so is the confidence to believe your convictions.
I had my daughter on a rally against trident and the strange questions I had about my reasons for doing so were incredible.
I’ve taken people on whom I believe to be grossly unfair to students. The reaction – well it’s a long process are you sure?
I’ve been in the situation many times when I’ve thought it would have been easier to walk away as it is more hassle to say No than to say yes.
And I ‘ve challenged when I know professionally it won’t cut the mustard.

Listening to these young activists who have come from England to lend support to a party who need support is lovely. Don’t get me wrong I’m have my earphones in and I can still hear them and in a way that’s quite comforting. People still care. They still care to be honest and wear their heart on their sleeve. These guys are not compromising even when they are flying into the wind. Their passions is quite infectious.
How many of us just settle because it’s easier? How many people have started of with wonderful ideas to make a difference to children and take on the beautiful challenge of inspiring young people only to sit back when presented with the first “why?”

I get quite intimidated when presented with the educational heavyweights who will talk theory and analyse research, but it doesn’t put me off, in fact it gives me a stiletto up the jacksy to continue being the glittery trainers and making my kind of difference to children, and most of all the difference I want to see for my daughter.
Passion is contagious even when slightly misguided, beats sitting about moaning when nothing changes.
Am off my soap box noo.

Points suspended due to lack of sleep.


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