Flashin the washin ….



I suspect I am turning into my mammy ( ok, so I know I am) Getting old means I find myself thinking that people need to cover up more. I’ve never been one to flash the washing so to speak when it comes to clothes and I’d be quite happy in a tent if I am honest.
The focus on what women have been wearing in the latest elections has made me laugh. We don’t focus so much on what men wear, quite easy for them. Suit, nice tie. Job done.
Women, don’t show too much but show a wee bit. Wear heels, but not too high. Get your hair done but make sure it still looks like you could do it yourself and not have a stylist live on your house.
I remember my days at dance school and as I got older and realised I was way too big to be a ballerina. Our routines got more adventurous and the outfits got more risqué. I immediately popped a t- shirt on top, only to have calls of if  you’ve got it flaunt it hen.
Eh, would that my Latina backside you are referring too???

I think when it comes to teaching, I’m not popping a jumper over it, definitely not flashin the washin but prepared to wear something other than black.
Quite often we don’t want to stick our head above the parapet when it comes to sharing resources, ideas or practice. A bit like those elusive skinny jeans, we have a wee try at them, look in the mirror then go running for the hills as they don’t quite look right.
With the new waves of teachmeets, I have found myself admiring the brilliant examples of teaching and learning and teachers Flashin the washin.
I bang on a lot about being brave in teaching and I think particularly over the past few weeks when I’ve been out visiting my student teachers I have been really struck by how they’ve really tried something different to make it relevant and challenging for their learners.
They are not all young teachers but they are young to the profession and so perhaps are a bit more pre disposed to flashing a bit more?
Recently I was back at the doctors in an attempt yo get the arthritis under control and despite the fact I was going with sore ankles and feet ( again) I still had my good knickers on, having had it drummed into me when I was a wee girl: a visit to the doctors means the best underwear. ( even if it is a sore throat – what if you end up in hospital in a gown? )
I suppose it did make me think about a previous post on not saving your best teaching and learning for a rainy day. Like going to the doctors, always prepared……
Flashin your teaching and learning washin.

Mammy points : 10/10 the wee lady knows this phrase
Methodology points : 9/10 some lively light bulb moments with the PGDE students as they say – I had never thought of that
Manolo points : 5/10 still sandals, not exciting!


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