Hitting the right note..



I was doing a bit of playing over the weekend. Unexpected but very much enjoyed indeed and it took me back to the time when I first started to learn pipe organ. There was nothing like sitting in semi darkness letting rip with a bit of Bach with the big pipes giving it yahoo. That sense of musical freedom and playing just for the sheer joy of it was fabulous.
I don’t get to indulge the darkness with a pipe organ as often now but I do manage to get time on my electric piano ( joys of living in a big old flat) and it tends to be in big lovely bursts rather than the more practical a little and often.
One of my favourite groupings of notes is the Dmajor7 chord. Lovely combination of a bog standard chord with a wee sharp note that just gives it a lovely tone and it can change the dynamic of a whole piece.

It got me thinking about the sharp notes I work with that when you put them in the right combination of other people, give a lovely tone and change a dynamic.
You always need a good mixture of sensible and brave, old school and some someone ready to flash the professional washin.

Hitting the right note professionally I have now realised means I need to be hitting the right notes personally and looking after myself and those around me. I had a lovely conversation with a good friend of mine today who has recently inherited a bigger workload and he told me that he couldn’t do more, but would do things differently and now he has to be good to himself to be at his best for other people. ( he’s very wise)

So tonight after dinner it was a wander out for ice cream with the wee lady, listening to her reading as we curled up under a duvet then we had a bath and she covered me on bubbles.
After she was sleeping it was translation, time tabling and emails and that was ok, as it was my decision and I was happy to do it.
I feel the piano coming on tomorrow night.

I’ll take maximum mammy points and going to suspend shoe points until I can get them back on.


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