Memories . . . . .


My dad came out with something today that really hit home to me today. We were visiting his youngest brother who is having to go into residential care due to a degenerative condition and it was the first time I had seen him a while.
We chatted away with him and it was almost a privilege to witness the relationship between the two brothers. My dad chatted away about people and places and as we were travelling back to the city he told me that he and his sisters had to become the memories for my uncle.
I’m seeing my class again tomorrow for a wee revision afternoon and the memories I have from these children as some of the most special in my teaching career.
In my subject area there is a generation of people who don’t have have the happy memories they should about language learning but then sometimes we tend to block out the more challenging stuff.
It’s been great seeing my PGDE student teachers who have really listened to some of the things we have been doing in class- they way they either greet or dismiss every child by name, the way the bring the learners into the lesson and the wee things like the smiles or lovely words.
Last year I had the most fabulous chat with some of my favourite educationalists about reading and the need for children to have stories. I have the most lovely memories of story time at school and story time at home. My memories from primary school are pretty much dominated by books, music and certain teachers. And of course my partner in crime, C.
Secondary school, the memories are of 3 subjects: French, Spanish and Music. My partner in crime and a few other guest stars and the most wonderful teachers.
Every day gives us the potential to create memories for children,lovely ones.


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