Educational Limbo


Today was a strange day indeed. I started off trying to get the gremlins out of my tech and had the most lovely chat with lovely young lady who was telling me all about her French teacher whom I knew.
The quote from that teacher still stays with me to this day and she told me that there were days when weans would come in, take the mickey for 45 mins and then leave. And that was ok.
I was then with my PGDE students for the very last time and I thought they would have been really excited and ready to go and to say they were deflated was an understatement.
They were in limbo. Waiting for the final essay results, waiting for their authorities and desperately waiting to get finished. While we might think that at the end of a really rough year they would be jumping for joy, like any other teacher, they are desperate for their holidays.
I then went back to see my weans at school and it was one of my girls who said she felt like she was in education limbo. She’s left school but still have exams to do. I could see some of them were struggling, the tiredness and stress was quite clear too. A few weeks ago some of them couldn’t even contemplate leaving but now they are much more resigned to the change looming on the horizon.
I couldn’t make it better this time and it killed me.I had missed them desperately and to be honest all I wanted to do was sit with them, drink tea and tell them it was ok.
I have staff that are going through a transition whether with moves or new remits and the month of June brings the educational limbo too.
I supposed I felt a bit like that when waiting to tie up the loose ends before leaving school. It’s not nice, it’s unsettling and maybe even de motivating.
However, it does get better. Tea helps.

Points to be reinstated very soon.


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