It only takes one person………


A distinct lack of posts……
But I have had the most interesting week.
I was lucky enough to spend a bit of time in another authority meeting colleagues and friends and having the chance to do some serious blue sky discussion as well as really pulling apart the educational jargon and fluff.
These guys really know their stuff and are so passionate about making a difference that it was a joy to be with them and learn. They were also similarly frustrated by the confines of what we are expected to deliver, in sometimes difficult circumstances.
It doesn’t stop them shaking the tree from the roots though and that is refreshing. The energy in the room and the will do to do good is tangible and that is also followed up by action.
They are faced by very different challenges than I am and a lot of that is with geography rather than will, so the need to be creative with CPD is a must.
Why is it that when you have an idea that is different it’s not even entertained?
Or ,you are described as an upstart ( aye, I am used to it)
There was a quote on Twitter this week about how we have leaders who are driven by policy and process rather than what is important for children. That may be the case for some people but we do need our leaders to be brave, however, we need to be brave and challenge where we see fit. Have we lost our voice?
At the weekend I was working with two friends who are going for interviews and we talked over various questions they might come up against.
They both had issues about being ” allowed” to do things, lack of professional autonomy, uninspiring climate for change and not feeling professionally satisfied.
When challenged ( gently prodded in a devils advocate style of course) they just told me that for them, that was reality.
That ( as my mammy would say) is a wee shame.
It only takes one person.
And so today was the bank holiday and I spent it with the wee lady at the Kelpies. We had the most smashing time but the nicest bit was when we walked down to the water fountains and she took one look at me and we were both straight off with the shoes and socks and straight in. The tiger parents in their best outdoor gear were looking on agog, then 2 minutes later there were a number of wee people in the fountains with one wee boy stripped down to his undies.
It only took my wee lady to get stuck in and there were a wee flurry of followers.
She’s 6. I’m not saying I blame her mum, I’m just saying she’s not frightened of being different.

Points suspended due to holidays and inability to wear anything other than sandals.


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