You didn’t answer…..


I had the funniest experience yesterday. I had a text from someone who I had not spoken to in maybe 10 days and it said hello stranger. 10 days for someone who I’m not particularly close to and it made me laugh. I was replying as I was balancing quite a few other things so I suppose my answers were maybe shorter than usual and I them received a deluge of questions as to how I was.
Try that from the start rather than a) calling me a stranger and b) texting on a pretence of how are you when you actually only want information.
There were a couple of exchanges only for it to be followed up a few hours later with, just to let you know I passed on that info and nothing seems to have happened.
Really? Did you ever think to realise that while you were pestering me for something that could have been sorted by you walking three floors up, I was maybe doing my day job?
Then of course the huff-0-meter went off as I wasn’t my usual accommodating self.
Seriously, maybe one day I’ll wake up and not put on the cape.
I’ve become ( as you may have noticed) slightly detached from social media and responding to emails. At work mainly because the tech fairies were not playing the game and to be honest, I have found to strangely liberating.
Not answering a work email in half an hour. Imagine.
No answering a personal email for days. Even better.
People have found it strange that I’m not responding in my usual record-breaking time and some even being a bit huffy.
A colleague with whom I had dropped out of touch with had text me to check I that I was ok? I suspected the message wasn’t for me, but then I got another one saying that he knew someone had text me and it wasn’t like me not to text back.
I suppose I go through phases where I will be really efficient in my communication then I leave it to the other extreme and play catch up! Don’t we all?
How wonderfully liberating to realise that the world can turn with even when you don’t respond.
It also gives that wee bit of time to think. Moreover it has made me realise that my mantra of it only takes a mo to say hello is something I should try to do too. (Yes, point taken)
And no, I don’t want a smart phone.


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